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Shoulder Scar 04/2022


Shoulder Scar 10/2022


Chest Acne 04/2022

Chest Acne 06/2022


Chest Acne 10/2022

"Most turmeric soaps leave my skin dry but this soap had my skin feeling soft and moisturized."~ Isaiah 

"I got this for my daughter and I can't wait to try it"~Bre

"First time using the soap and my face felt so refreshed" ~Anonymous 

"Your podcast gives me so much drive and you release so much positive energy. Thank you! "~Ashley

"You are truly an inspiration! I love you positive energy and your message!"~ Farouro

"I listen to your podcast on my way to work and I love it."~ Anonymous

"I used your soap and it cleared up my face within a week . It is magic." ~ Briyana

"Your scrub feels so soft and I haven't put it under water yet"~ Tony

"Your soap helped my daughters eczema and I had a dry patch on my arm for the longest but when i started using your soap I noticed it was gone after a few days" ~Anonymous 

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